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Electronic Tracking and Documentation

shutterstock_128125742At RSR Engineering we utilize a web-based digital system for collecting field data via smart devices. This allows Clients to check their projects in real time on their smart devices or PC.

The database, available through www.Buildingtest.com is a digital field data collection system that allows our Commissioning Agents to create and manage commissioning test plans within an enterprise database. Once a test plan is authored, we can use Building Test to assign the plans to members of the commissioning team to be completed digitally in the field. All data recorded in the field is automatically stamped with a date, time and username, giving RSR Engineering and the Client a full, chronological audit trail of the testing process.

shutterstock_153353300RSR is able to produce for its Clients through Building Test;

  • Properly captured and marked up photos
  • Append comments and make recommendations
  • Track issues from open to closed
  • Track, manage and report issues found in the field during testing
  • View equipment with test plans yet to be completed
  • Customize reports to fit the Client
  • View and print collected field data immediately after being synchronized to the Web Tool
  • Track data as the project progresses
  • Generate reports and document inspections
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