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  • Our main focus is the successful commissioning of your project to meet your goals and requirements. Whether that involves LEED® Fundamental and/or Enhanced commissioning in your pursuit of LEED® certification or you recognize the benefits of turning over a building with fully commissioned mechanical or electrical systems to the building operators – we can provide you with a high quality service. The goal of successful commissioning is to ensure that design is realized operationally – that form follows function – and the facility operates according to design criteria, construction specifications and owner objectives.
  • As members of the Building Commission Association, we ensure all necessary procedures,  processes and documentation are completed to deliver operational systems to meet facility use objectives. We follow a regulated process that demands we test and confirm the operation of all related building systems and components. The results of this process are then recorded and documented by means of our web based digital tracking system. Available through Building Test, this digital field data collection system allows our commissioning agents to create and manage the test plans within an enterprise database. This allows us to assign tasks, date stamp completed and scheduled tasks and provide our clients with a full chronological audit trail of the testing processes.
  • In addition to LEED®, BuiltGreen and other similar quality assurance programs that require the commissioning of new building systems we also provide the following services:

Energy Audits:

  • We have a full complement of technicians trained to do energy modelling and conduct a detailed analysis of your existing mechanical and electrical equipment including the operation, functionality and controls sequences. Through this audit process we are able to provide you with recommendations on system and operational enhancements.


  • Many existing facilities were never commissioned when they were constructed. Re-commissioning is the process by which the original design intent and existing facility systems are evaluated and reconciled with respect to present load conditions. Available solutions are evaluated for the most efficient and effective operation.


  • A systematic investigative process for improving and optimizing a buildings operation and maintenance procedures which can be undertaken at any time in the life of a building. By comparing the original design to current operating performance and processes, discrepancies are then documented with recommendations to resolve the discrepancy and implement solutions.

Lifecycle Commissioning:

  • Once a facility is functioning properly, it must be correctly maintained to operate effectively and efficiently. With life-cycle commissioning, system performance is monitored on a scheduled basis and assistance is provided to maintain continued optimum performance.

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