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Comprehensive Building Commissioning

Providing meaningful, sustainable solutions to our clients

Who is RSR?

We’re a mechanical and electrical commissioning company with deep roots in the design and construction industry.

How can we help?

  • As an accredited member of the Building Commissioning Association (BCA) we know how to improve your facility’s systems.

  • With vast experience in Fundamental and Enhanced LEED® Certified facilities we can optimize your building systems to reduce energy consumption.


We are committed to ongoing learning, the adoption of best practices, leading edge technology, and incorporation of new developments in the field of commissioning services to ensure we are beneficial to all stakeholders involved.

For Construction Teams

we resolve any design and construction issues that arise

For Project Managers

employ an Agent as a single point of contact

For Building Owners

evaluate engineering design concepts

Invest in your project and your building

Confirming and establishing a baseline for the operation and performance of your systems.


years of meaningful, sustainable solutions to our clients

fundamental commissioning from the design stage through to post-construction


projects commissioned

retro-commissioning, re-commissioning, including LEED® Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning, LEED® documentation, and specialized commissioning services such as energy audits.



Our main focus is the successful commissioning of your project to meet your goals and requirements


Verification and documentation that facility’s mechanical and electrical systems function as intended. Work to ensure a smooth commissioning process with building developer, consultant and construction teams.

  • We work to ensure a smooth commissioning process by working closely with the building developer, consultant and construction teams.

  • Engaging our team early in your construction process, we are able to address equipment, operational and maintenance concerns early and mitigate costly re-works.


Using the latest and greatest practices and software we are able to enable your facility’s system to use the least amount of energy for the best desired results.

  • Our team uses recognized and accredited industry programs and certifications to enhance sustainable designs.

  • We can help you solidify your position as a leader in sustainable and healthy buildings with a focus on reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.


The process by which the original design intent and existing facility systems are evaluated and reconciled with respect to present load conditions.

  • Evaluate mechanical and electrical buildings systems to find the most efficient and effective operation.

  • With our expert team’s expansive experience in all kinds of facilities and building systems, we can make your existing system run smoother and more efficient.


Through a systematic audit process, we are able to provide recommendations for system and operational enhancements within your building.

  • Our team focuses on improving functionality, operation and energy usage of your facility.

  • We provide recommendations to upgrade equipment and/or systems based on age, functionality, and efficiency goals.


The systematic investigative process for improving and optimizing a buildings operation and maintenance procedures which can be undertaken at any time in the life of a building.

  • Comparison of the original design proposed benchmarks to current operating performance and processes. Gives the owner significant energy savings at a minimal cost.

  • Helps identify and resolve problems that may have occurred during the design or construction, as equipment has aged, or the use of the building has changed.


Once a facility is functioning properly, it must be correctly maintained to operate effectively and efficiently.

  • With life-cycle commissioning, system performance is monitored on a scheduled basis and assistance is provided to maintain continued optimum performance.

  • With the help of building operators, maintenance plans are developed to ensure the building remains functional.


Let us build a comprehensive maintenance program for your facility to ensure you get the most out of your existing systems and keep your facility running at its best.

  • We help you build a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure your building remains functional and to mitigate premature system failures.

  • Helps identify and ensure that all relevant equipment is running at optimal levels, along with all associated systems and parts. This will keep your facility running efficiently regardless of the season, use or occupancy.

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